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All of our equipment is carefully inspected and tested to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and performance. We also offer a wide selection of restaurant equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a new oven or refrigerator, or you need to replace your old Pizza dough mixer, we have what you need at a price that will fit your budget. Call us today to get started!

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Our team

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the pizza equipmentyou bring into your restaurant is ready for the job, and looking great too!

Joe Creech


Joe has spent over 40 years in the transportation & logistics industry. In 2001 he founded Asset Logistics, Inc. While his new firm was providing asset management and transportation services, the core business took on a new direction almost immediately. Through his leadership the firm began managing its client’s idle assets. This included liquidation as well as transportation.

Some would suggest it was Reverse Logistics. Many firms offer supply chain management on the inbound side. Joe recognized an opportunity on the back side of the process. Everyone wants to help you get in business, but few are there to assist when you need an exit plan. His willingness to think outside the box spelled Growth. His leadership has been critical in the continued growth and diversification of his company. His latest venture, Pizza Equipment Company is an extension of his current companies.

Joe loves collectible cars (has several), traveling, camping, home improvement design and forever a diehard entrepreneur. He loves an opportunity and does mind the risk. But most importantly, he loves spending time with his kids and grandchildren.

Brandon Creech


Brandon grew up in and around his father’s business. He spent his early years in the electrical field working in a union environment. Eventually he joined Asset Logistics as an apprentice learning the business. His father decided to move the business back to his home state of Indiana in 2009. Brandon decided to move as well. Today, Brandon is active in the equipment acquisition and sale of the restored equipment. Today he is a co-owner of the business.

Brandon, his wife Kayla and family love the outdoors which include camping, fishing, kayaking, boating and spending time with friends. He is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, but we try to leave that at home.

Dewayne Fulton

General Manager

Dewayne joined the firm in 2010. He wears many hats. Never hesitant to jump in wherever needed. Some of his primary responsibilities include finance manager and purchasing. His calm and steady approach to our business has continued to help up become a better company and asset to our customers.

Jeff Burton


Jeff has been with us since 2009. Jeff works in our service department and warehouse. He oversees and assist with the breakdown and repair of all the equipment we run through our Service Department. His continued commitment to our organization has been vital in our growth.

Our Process

Once we acquire a piece of equipment to refurbish, we follow the following steps to get the equipment ready for re-sale.

  • Initially we bring the equipment in and hook it up.
  • We then perform a series of tests and attempt to operate as if it were in operation.
    The outcome of these tests will create a punch list for our refurb team.
  • Next, we disassemble the unit for cleaning and place parts in the dip tank.
  • Our refurb team creates a parts list needed, a result of the initial test.
  • Once all the components are cleaned and new parts are installed, we hook the unit up to the required power sources (gas & electric).
  • The unit is tested again. Assuming all repairs needed are made. Then the unit goes to the finisher for detailing, placement of decals, burnishing and polishing.
  • All units are photographed, placed in our inventory and then put on various marketing platforms for sale.

These steps may take days or weeks depending on the severity of the required repairs. But each unit must go through these processes to be ready for the market.  

Our firm purchases its ovens and equipment for various sources. Those sources include large chains as well as privately owned pizza shops and restaurants. In many cases, they become available due to closings while many are from upgrades to different styles and types of ovens. All the ovens and equipment are important to us. While we are selective by brand, age and condition.

Our search team is constantly looking for new opportunities to acquire ovens and equipment. At the same time, we are looking for buyers of re-conditioned equipment. We will buy any quantity from 1 oven to multiple locations.

Additionally, we support large chains with support in relocating stores and providing certain install services as needed. These services are on a case-by-case basis. We have trucks and individuals who are skilled to remove the ovens. The same team will bring the ovens to our facility to be tested, re-conditioned and cleaned. Once this process is complete, we will re-market the ovens. Once the ovens are sold, we fully crate the ovens for transit to the new owners.

While the process seems simple. It is not. We are challenged daily with repairs and the location of parts. In some cases, we have parts made by local fabricators. It takes a lot of coordination of people, places and things. That’s where the process begins and continues till complete.