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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Conveyor Pizza Oven

When choosing the right oven for your business. There are several considerations when purchasing an oven. Please view the items listed below.

1. What are my power requirements? Electric 1PH or 3PH or GAS LP or NAT.

If you do not have gas in your building currently serving other appliances, you may want to consider an electric oven. Most electric ovens are 3PH. You will want to check with your electrician to make sure you have 3PH available. We do from time to time have 1PH ovens.

In the event you have neither you may want to contact a plumber to inquire about installing LP gas.  

2. Will I need a hood?

All ovens generally require a hood for ventilation. The larger ovens generate a considerable amount of heat. A hood can help keep your kitchen at a working temperature.

NOTE: Some locales may require fire protection on the hood. Check with your local Fire Department.

3. How big of an oven will I need?

Will your primary item you sell be pizza? Are you a carry out / delivery? How many pizzas will you anticipate selling during your peak hour of business? How big in diameter will your pizzas be? These are questions you will need to know to determine what type of oven will work best for you.

4. How much space does a pizza oven displace in my kitchen?

Oven space required range from 3’x4’ up to 5’x9’. Models range from countertop styles to triple stack floor models.

Our Customer Service Team will be glad discuss your needs as to what type of oven will best fit your business plan.